New kitchen features and master suites are the hottest trends we’re seeing in home remodeling projects through the first half of this year.  Kitchens continue to be a popular gathering spot in the home and organization is a key to a successful kitchen!  In the master suite, open, organized spaces have been the leading design ideas we’ve discussed with clients.  Throughout the home, lighting has been a critical design feature.

Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Dunfee Showcase Chef's KitchenFamilies continue to request seamless integration of their kitchens into their living spaces – with open floor plans leading the way.  Organization means more to homeowners than just about any other trend in kitchen designs.  Large pantries, well-planned custom cabinets and wine storage have been particularly hot trends for us.

Master Suite Remodeling

Master Suites continue to evolve as buyers take advantage of new technologies.  According to a recent Houzz survey, nearly half of homeowners are skipping a tub and opting only for a shower.  These are usually luxurious spa showers that provide the relaxation of a spa experience without the excessive space that a tub can take.  Most homeowners request two sinks in their vanities so both partners can prepare to meet the day side-by-side.  Interestingly, age has an impact on toilet location.  Homeowners over 35 prefer a separate enclosure or walled-in space for their toilet within the master suite.



The hottest trend we’re seeing throughout the home is LED lighting.  These energy-efficient fixtures can last as long as 20 years and provide warm, bright lighting in any room.  As these fixtures have evolved, homeowners have the choice of light colors from warm yellow hues to cooler blue-white light for workspaces – in the kitchen, for example.  Most of our homeowners are installing LED lighting in their remodeling projects.

We’ve already helped dozens of homeowners remodel their homes in 2014.  Contact our design team today to see how we can help you take advantage of the latest trends in design, materials and organization.