Technology has dramatically expanded the range of countertop options in the last few years.  Homeowners are experimenting with a wide variety of countertop materials in their kitchens.  Granite will always be popular, but concrete, glass and even paper are emerging as legitimate countertop choices.  Here are a few of the newer entrants.

Soapstone and slate

Soapstone and slate both come in far fewer colors than granite. Soapstone is usually dark greenish-black, although lighter green-gray slabs are also common. Slate is an extremely dense stone that comes in five subtle colors: green, red, gray, purple and black. Slightly less common are variegated purple and mottled purple slates, which have visible veins and shades of contrasting colors.

Solid surfaces

Solid-surfacing materials–such as Corian, Wilsonart’s Gibraltar and Avonite–are made of 100% acrylic, 100% polyester, or a combination of acrylic and poly.  The material comes in literally hundreds of colors and patterns, many of which resemble natural stone.  Quartz composite, also known as engineered stone, is composed of about 90% quartz and 10% acrylic or epoxy binder.  Engineered stone has a depth, clarity and radiance not found in other solid surfaces.


Concrete counters, which closely resemble slabs of natural stone, are becoming increasingly popular.  A variety of colors can be achieved by adding pigments to the concrete during mixing.


Copper is increasingly finding a place in the kitchen. While it’s not yet mainstream, copper countertops do have appeal for those who enjoy having something unusual. Fingerprints, scratches, and browning are all a part of its natural patina.


Illuminating, colored, and with textured patterns and different foils underneath, this makes for one of the most striking countertop surfaces yet! Many glass countertops are 1 ½” thick, and some are made from recycled glass which is environmentally friendly.

Recycled paper

PaperStone and a few other companies have found a way to recycle regular paper and cardboard, combine it with industrial-strength resin and manufacture a durable, good-looking kitchen countertop. It comes in a handful of color options, but as the technology advances, the color selection will too.

Whatever your style, the new countertop materials can make an elegant statement as part of your new kitchen.  Contact our design team to see how we can help you incorporate new materials in your kitchen design.