Open floor plans have become extremely popular.  They can expand entertaining options, increase natural light and maintain family “togetherness”.  Unfortunately, many older homes are segmented into distinct rooms with walls separating every living space.  Creating an open floor plan in existing homes can be daunting, but extremely rewarding.

Open floor plans can combine a wide variety of rooms.  A bedroom and bathroom can be combined into a single master suite.  The dining room and living room can be connected by removing a wall.  Bringing the kitchen into the dining room/living room makes for an even more expansive, family-friendly living space.

If you love to entertain, an open floor plan could be an excellent design choice.  Combining the kitchen, dining room and living room allows guests to help with food preparation, engage in casual conversation and move freely around the house.

Parents with young children also enjoy open floor plans. It’s easy to keep an eye on the kids and make dinner at the same time.

One aspect of open floor plans surprises many homeowners.  Open floor plans let in a lot of natural light.  Since many walls are eliminated, light from the windows reaches more of the house and makes the home feel more spacious.

There are some important considerations that owners of older homes need to understand before they start opening their floor plan.  Most homes built before the 1970s use interior walls as “load-bearing” walls that support upper floors.  Simply removing a wall may not be feasible.  One solution could be to create an arch between two rooms that preserves the structural integrity of the home.  Such a feature can also preserve the design style of the home’s era.  Tidiness is also more important in an open floor plan.  Eliminating walls between the kitchen and living room makes those dirty dishes visible all over the house!

Our design team can evaluate the unique structural and design opportunities in your home and give you a wonderful open floor plan.  Let them help you create the perfect plan for your new family space.