As we embrace the New Year, we are excited by a number of unique trends in home remodeling.  Openness and practicality are the key elements in contemporary home design.  Whether a remodeling project starts in the kitchen, includes the common spaces or revitalizes the bath, openness and practicality will drive much of the design decisions.

Common Spaces in 2012: Floor Plans Open Up Again

Today’s active families are looking for an open family room. An open floor plan will typically combine the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Spaces are often separated with furniture instead of walls. One room instead of many also has a positive effect on energy consumption, requiring less heat or A/C.

Computers have become a household item, and it’s not uncommon to place one in the kitchen. A lifestyle center is a place for kids to do homework, while mom or dad can make sure they aren’t playing on the internet. It can also be used as a place to work from home and pay bills. Combing these functions into one area adjacent the kitchen, reduces the need for a formal office.

Baths in 2012:  Large/Steam Showers Replace Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs used to be a must have for homeowners remodeling their bathroom.  Homeowners remodeling their bathroom now focus their budget on a larger and more comfortable shower. Steam showers have risen in popularity because they can be justified for their therapeutic effects.

Kitchens in 2012:  Open Storage Enlarges The Room

Storage space is an important element in modern kitchens New kitchen designs should include large and practical storage.  Simple wall shelves are retro-modern kitchen ideas. Small house plants, herbs, bowls, mugs or small appliances (Home appliances, yellow-silver stove concept) on shelves create a beautiful display and become wonderful wall decorations. Solid wood shelves with large sliding panels made of frosted glass add more interest to contemporary kitchen interiors.

Regardless of the goals of your project, the design experts at Roberts Residential Remodeling can help you make your new living spaces open, practical and inviting.  Contact us today to learn how.