Look at you in your brand new, custom-built kitchen! Life is good, and you are ready to make the most of your perfect new space; declutter, reorganize, and optimize. Now what?

The process of stocking a new kitchen can be, well, overwhelming. There’s so much stuff, big and small, and you want it to suit your day-to-day use better than ever before. Here are a few hacks for reorganizing your new space.

  1. Declutter: Yes, it takes some time and can be hard for some people, but going through all of your gadgets galore can help you assess; do I even need this? If you have an item that you know you don’t need, even on a yearly basis like a holiday meal, maybe it’s time for it to go. You’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders, and ready to take on the next portion of your organizing.
  2. Categorize: Now it’s time to go through your things and put them into categories. Do you use this for baking, cleaning, breakfast foods, pantry grains, etc. For both your kitchen items as well as your pantry, grouping items for how, and when, you use them can help you to see what type of space they take up as well as where they need to be placed. Small items like utensils and snack foods may need their own bin. Items you use daily need to be within easy reach, and items you don’t want little ones touching need to be out of reach.
  3. Storage: Sure, it’s easy to just throw all your categorized items onto a shelf and call it good, but after a few months do you even know what you have? Here are a few storage tips for keeping your things accessible and organized:
    • Under the sink: A tension rod insert to easily hang your most used spray bottles free of that annoying plumbing.
    • Appliances: Items like ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and more can be integrated into your kitchen island saving you precious cupboard space where you need it most, and we can help you do it with custom designs!
    • Cabinets: We can create custom rollout drawers for those pesky deep kitchen cabinets, helpful especially on the lower shelves, as an easy way to easily access those hard to see items all the way in the back.
    • Pantry: Kitchen organization bins can get expensive! A cheaper option is using metal or plastic file folders to store items like snacks, awkward bagged items, rolls of Pringles and more.
    • Pans: Another cheaper solution is a metal file organizer to easily divide and store all your baking pans. Or while we are creating your custom kitchen, we can build these for you!
    • Utensils: Ladles, spatulas, tongs and the like can be annoying in drawers when they get stuck, but you don’t want them on your countertop either. One solution is hanging a bar on your backsplash with hooks to easily store and reach utensils while cooking.

We have many more ideas for space saving in any size of kitchen, often through the customization process in our in-house millwork shop. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create your dream kitchen!