Planning A Calming Oasis For Your Guests

Powder rooms are one of the rooms guests see most often.  These small bathrooms are public by nature, but should be a soothing oasis for your visitors.  Many realtors consider powder rooms an essential part of a marketable home.

Powder rooms get their names from the 18th century, when they were used by both men and women as a space to powder their wigs.  Many people still use the Victorian era term, “powder my nose” when excusing themselves to visit the powder room.

Despite the size of the powder room, making it comfortable and functional for your guests takes some planning.  The biggest challenge is the location of the plumbing.  Piping for the sink and toilet need to be under the floor and behind the walls.  Typically, the toilet location is our first consideration.  Then we place the sink so it’s conveniently accessible and minimizes the cost of construction.

Doors create another design challenge.  Powder rooms are typically small (around 20 square feet).  Standard doors are 32” wide.  When guests enter the powder room, they should ideally be able to turn around without closing the door first.  Sometimes, that’s not practical so we will consider a sliding “pocket door” that disappears into the wall or a door that opens into the hallway or adjoining room.

Lighting is another important facet of these small bathroom designs.  Powder rooms don’t always have natural light, so the placement of light fixtures is critical to creating a warm, functional room.  We often use recessed ceiling lights or wall sconces placed beside the mirror to soften the light and eliminate harsh shadows.

There are a number of new design trends that can be showcased in a powder room.  Tankless toilets hide the tank inside the wall and can add 6-9” to the floor space of the room.  They are great for smaller spaces.  Pedestal or “vessel” sinks can make a nice statement in the right bathroom, too.  We’ll need to choose your sink style before construction begins, because they can have a direct impact on pipe location.

Powder rooms can be a great amenity for your house guests and they can add to your home’s marketability.  Contact our design team today to learn more about how we can help you design the perfect bathroom for your guests.