Children leaving home can be bittersweet.  But that momentous occasion presents an opportunity to reclaim valuable real estate in your home, too.  In fact, most parents look forward to taking advantage of the new space.  A recent poll in the UK found that 84% of parents had already made plans for their kids room – BEFORE the kids had left!

With parents not waiting for the door to close behind their kids, it’s intriguing to consider the possibilities the kids’ rooms offer.  That UK survey found that guest bedrooms were the most popular choice (47%).  Exercise rooms were next most popular (15%) with multi-media rooms or libraries (12%) close behind.  Another 10% of respondents considered creating a walk-in closet.  But while dads might be dreaming about a “man cave”, just 1% of women in the survey agreed with their husbands!

Give Your Guests a Master Suite

Even if your guests are the kids returning for vacations or holidays, a separate master suite with a full bathroom can be an elegant upgrade from cars, Disney or unicorns.  This can be a particularly good use of basement bedroom spaces.

Enhance Your Fitness

Kids’ rooms are often the perfect size and location for a home gym.  With a few upgrades, including padded flooring, wall-mounted TV and audio equipment and storage for fitness gear, a kid’s room can be transformed into an inspiring workout area.

Get To Work

Order or smaller homes often lack dedicated office space.  A kid’s room can become a functional office and library with built-in bookshelves, desk and some casual reading chairs.  Some homeowners even consider a wall bed in case the kids come home and need a place to sleep.

You may miss the kids when they’re on their own, but you can certainly reclaim the physical space they’ve left behind.  Ask our design team how they can help you create that special space you’ve been dreaming about for the last 18-20 years!