Many homes, especially older homes have little nooks and crannies that don’t “fit”.  Dormers are a great example.  These spaces, often shorter or with an angled ceiling won’t fit a bed, dresser or other large furniture.  So, what can we do with an oddly-shaped bedroom, family room or kitchen?

Make It Cozy

One approach is to give those crazy spaces a purpose of their own.  In a family room, a kids play area can fit under a staircase or in a curved section of the room.  Dormers make wonderful, sunny reading nooks.  A round room in a Victorian home makes a perfect library – the walls can be lined with books with a couple of chairs and maybe a fireplace taking center stage.  In these cases, these spaces complement the rest of the room, without trying too hard to “fit” the room itself.

Make It Functional

Unique shaped kitchens can be problematic – or a chance to create a relaxed family dining area.  Breakfast nooks can fill small niches near the kitchen.  Kitchens that don’t fit along a square can be ideal for islands with bar seating.  Both islands and breakfast nooks offer added seating and fill spaces that defy traditional kitchen design.

Make It Unique

Sometimes, a home’s quirks just can’t be tamed with a breakfast nook or reading room.  In these situations, embracing the unique dimensions can yield a surprisingly happy result.  A spa shower that fits into an angled part of a master suite can fill a family need, provide surprisingly functional corner shelving and “square up” the rest of the room.

Not every home has four square walls.  When the character of a house makes remodeling challenging, we spend extra time with the homeowners to understand their vision for their home and the ways we can take advantage of the home’s unique features.  Contact us today to learn how our design team can help take advantage of your home’s unique assets.