Homeowners in the US are starting to discover the surprising benefits of LED lighting.  Homeowners in Europe and Asia have been adopting these money-savers at a rapid rate.  It’s easy to see why.

LED lights use dramatically less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.  Traditional incandescent bulbs in bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces are typically 40W or 60W bulbs.  LED light bulbs with the same light output use between 8 and 10W of electricity.  That’s 80% less energy!

Because LED lamps don’t “burn” like traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, they last longer, too.  Most LED lamps for residential use will last up to 20 years.  You could install an LED bulb in your newborn’s bedroom and not have to change it until she is in college!  And because they don’t burn a filament, they reach full brightness as soon as you flip the switch.

LED lights look great, too.  They don’t radiate infrared or ultraviolet light that can be hard on your eyes over time.  Many of the home LED lights available today are dimmable, as well.  And some are even color-controllable.  If your son wants purple light in his bedroom – he can have it.  If you have an accent wall color in your dining room, you can match it with some LED accent lights.

LED lighting is available for a wide range of applications in the home.  Your new family room can be lit with LED recessed cans (either new or replacement) or adjustable downlights.  Your kitchen or office can be lit with under-cabinet LED strip lights for specific task lighting.  Since LED lights are resistant to cold weather and can be easily solar-powered, they make great landscape lighting, too.

LED lights are a perfect way to brighten any room in your house.  They add warm, rich color at a fraction of the cost of traditional light bulbs.  We have installed LED lights for many of our clients.  Ask us how we can help you create the look you want and enjoy significant energy savings in your new space.