Home additions can be a great way to increase living space and home value for a growing family. In many cases it can be less expensive to add on to your current home than trade up to a larger home.  But adding on to your home is a significant remodeling project. Home additions require careful planning and budgeting.

A home addition should be designed to blend into the existing home as if it had always been there.   It’s important that the addition not be either too large relative to the existing home, or look like it belongs on another home.  A carefully designed set of house addition plans is critical.  Our design team will make sure your addition is similar in scale to the rest of the home and that it accents the existing home without overwhelming it.

Home additions give you the chance to be creative with your home layout and accommodate your specific needs.  Whether you are imagining a new bedroom addition, family room addition, bathroom addition, kitchen addition, or a combination of different living spaces, you have the complete freedom to choose what features you want to include in your newly expanded home.

When planning home additions, it’s important to review existing plot plans. We’ll review your plot plans, looking for features that could impact the location of the addition. Key things we’ll watch out for are water and utility easements, artesian wells, leach fields and septic tanks, underground utilities and property setback requirements. A visit to your local zoning board or town building inspector might help to answer any questions you have on the house plot plan.

Home additions can be a great way to expand your living space without the cost and effort of buying a new home. Careful planning can make sure that the new addition fits flawlessly with your current home and blends well into your neighborhood.  Let our design team help you create the perfect expansion to your home.