Small Bathrooms Are Larger Than Life

Potty training needs proximity, dirt is better headed off on the first floor than tracked upstairs, and who wants to wriggle out of wet workout gear in the bedroom?

As our families and lives have grown and evolved, so has our expectations for our ‘service’ spaces. Hence the emergence of the half and three-quarter bathroom, or powder room.

Having the extra wash space for expanding families and hobbies is an invaluable asset. Where you go when you’re done gardening, where the little ones go after kiddie pool time, and where he goes after time in the shed. But, it’s also where your guests can go when they are over for a barbeque or crash on the couch after a fun night with family and friends.

Most homes have an unused closet or corner of the main floor of the home, and this is the perfect place for your new bathroom. A small addition such as this can be an easy install with the right help – and that’s where we come in!

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