Spring sunshine often motivates homeowners to get a fresh start with a good, thorough spring cleaning.  The first swipe of the dustcloth or sweep of the broom can run into a roadblock, though.  Shoes left by the back door, electronics stacked high on a TV case and clothes piled on the closet floor can make spring cleaning feel overwhelming and impossible.  Effective storage and organization can open any room in the house and make spring cleaning an easy, rewarding experience.

Living areas

Electronics, books, video games and toys all need places of their own.  Many of them can, and should, be stored together.  For example, a custom built-in entertainment center can house electronics, video games, DVDs and CDs all in one convenient place.  Bookshelves can include baskets, closeable doors or drawers to control book collections and toys.


Organizing clothing can be one of the biggest challenges in any home.  Keeping clean clothes orderly and wrinkle-free is critical to looking and feeling good.  Dirty clothes can scatter throughout the bedroom if they don’t have a convenient place to go at the end of the day.  Spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate your wardrobe and your storage needs.  It’s a great time to store your heavy winter clothes and bring out the light, breezy summer wardrobe.  It’s also a good time to decide which clothes you can live without – lots of charitable organizations take clothing donations in the spring.  This process can also help you decide the best way to store and organize your clothes. Do you need more space for shoes?  Do you need a better way to hang dress clothes?  A custom closet system or walk-in closet could help make your wardrobe more accessible and functional.


Typically the smallest room in the house, the bathroom presents some of the biggest storage challenges for homeowners.  Linens, personal products, hairdryers and all the other daily essentials need a place to live that’s easy to reach.   Custom medicine cabinets and linen closets in or near the bathroom can ensure that towels, soap and toothpaste are all conveniently located.

Talk to our design team today to build a plan that helps get the clutter under control and opens your home to the sunshine of spring!