Graduation parties, barbecues, long weekends and more – Summer is a great time to gather with friends and family.  Entertaining guests makes the Minnesota Summer just a little bit sweeter!  With the right design elements, your home can be the perfect place to gather with those from near and far.

Don’t Miss a Minute with an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been popular for some time, and for good reason. Aside from making your space feel larger, you and your guests can enjoy your time together while partaking in different activities, you can watch the little ones while getting the burgers ready for the grill, there are better sources of natural light in your home, and so much more.

The Kitchen – The Place To Be For Parties

Kitchens in older homes are often treated like Cinderella – the unwanted stepchild.  In the past, kitchens were hidden from the more formal parts of the home.  Families today want more open, casual home designs that enable communication and connection among family members.  An island makes entertaining in the kitchen easy, creating a gathering place for guests – especially if the island includes a bar and seating options.

Gather Round The Bar

There’s no better place to entertain your guests than at your own home bar.  Many homeowners dream of the perfect home bar to complement their entertainment room or “man cave”.  Home bars designs are as diverse as the homes they inhabit.  From simple wall units to full bar and bar-back combos, the possibilities are limitless.  Design styles vary widely, too.  A bar can follow the style of the home or be a unique “statement” piece in the home.  They can be elegant and sophisticated or a showcase for your favorite sports or beer memorabilia.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to style.

Whether you’re entertaining 2 or 200, we can help you make your home a memorable destination for your friends and family.  Contact our design team today to learn how they can help you create the perfect entertaining space in your home.