Very few people start a home remodeling project with a mudroom at the heart of the plan.  Expanded kitchen?  Absolutely!  Cozy family room?  You bet!  Mudroom?  Not as much!  But most homes could really use a mudroom.  They bring order to the most frequently used entry to the home.

The location of the mudroom will determine how it is finished. By the back door, where mostly family members trek in from the yard, take a simple, utilitarian approach.  If it’s off the kitchen, consider using components of the same cabinetry and counters. This will make both spaces seem larger. Inside the front door, it needs to be welcoming for company.

Regardless of the design style, there are a few key principles that should be considered in any mudroom design.


A key decision in the mudroom design process is the size of the room.  Will you also be doing laundry here?  Will all the hockey gear be stored here?  Will you wash the dog here?  The more “work” being done in the space, the bigger the mudroom should be.


Because it will get a lot of heavy traffic, the floor should be durable.  Ceramic or unfinished stone tile make a great selection.  Choosing a dark color for the floor will help keep the floor looking clean longer.


A comfortable, sturdy place to sit while pulling off shoes or inline skates is important. Benches and stools are more stable than chairs. A built-in bench or window seat, hinged at the top, can help reduce clutter.


Storage needs vary depending on the users as well.  Kids need quick and easy access.  Child-height coat hooks and open cubby-holes help kids stay organized.  Each family member needs a place of their own – Dad’s cell phone and Mom’s briefcase should be up and out of the way of little ones’ coats and backpacks.

Clothing can require a range of seasonal storage solutions as well. Bulky winter gear takes up lots more room than summer clothes, a factor to remember when estimating wall space. Without a place of their own, shoes tend to end up everywhere. Designate a waterproof area for them.

No matter what size addition you are planning, our design team can help create a practical entry into your home.  And our in-house millwork shop can create practical, attractive built-in storage for your mudroom.  Consider a mudroom in your addition.  It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.