The spa bathroom is one of today’s hottest design trends.  Homeowners strive for luxury and relaxation in new bathroom plans.  Current tub and shower choices give homeowners lots of options in their new rooms.   But which choice is the best for your bathroom?  Space and resale value are the two most important criteria in making this decision.

In homes with large existing bathrooms or in homes with room to expand, a separate shower and tub can make a fantastic spa bathroom.  Separating the shower from the tub allows homeowners to include multiple shower heads for a full body massage experience or a small bench for a relaxed, seated shower.  The tub can be placed in a prime position near a window.  It also makes a Jacuzzi-type tub even more inviting.  This arrangement maximizes resale value and the versatility of the room.

Not every home has the luxury of unlimited space, though.  Creating a spa experience in a small bathroom need not limit the creativity of the design, though.  There are several beautiful and versatile bathtub and shower fixtures that can turn a standard tub/shower combination into an inviting spa area.  The same tubs used in separated tub and shower layouts can provide refreshing massage jets.

Some homeowners consider eliminating the tub entirely, making use of smaller spaces and still bringing in the luxury of a spa shower.  This concept can be a great improvement to a second bathroom, especially in a basement.  It is not often chosen for master bathrooms, though.  A master bathroom with no shower limits the utility of the room, especially for families with small children.  Imagine giving a young child a bath in the shower.  It can also limit the pool of potential home buyers down the road.

If space is no obstacle, a separate tub and shower make the ideal spa bathroom design.  They also maximize the resale value of your home.  But even if you have a smaller bathroom space, we can create a relaxing spa in your home with a well-planned tub/shower combination.  Call our design team today to start building your dream bathroom.