Master Suites are popular home remodeling projects. These adult retreats create a relaxing, meditative space for homeowners to escape the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.  Here are a few critical aspects to consider when remodeling your master suite:

Separation from the public areas of the home

The Master Suite is an oasis.  Well-designed master suites provide a buffer from the rest of the home.  A small sitting room between the master suite and the next-closest room can create a soothing transition to the sleeping area and bathroom.  The sitting room doesn’t need to be huge – just big enough for a comfortable lounge chair and side table for light reading and a glass of warm milk before bed.  This simple area will shift your mind into a lower gear as you enter the relaxing master suite.


An easy, low-cost way to maximize the luxury of the master suite is to create a large walk-in closet or dressing area.  Separate his and her dressing areas cater to different clothing types and morning rituals.  Frequent travelers particularly like center islands that can hold a suitcase for easy packing.  Whether you’re a fashionista or a casual dresser, you’ll appreciate this dedicated dressing space.  It will keep clothing from cluttering your oasis and make your morning routine a treat.

Compartmentalizing the bathroom

The bathroom has different purposes and an expansive master bath can separate the functional areas for privacy and elbow room.  Kohler, the plumbing fixture company, talks about “performance showering” and “relaxing bathing” as separate activities.  You can adopt this idea by separating the bathtub and shower.  His and her sinks make mornings more efficient and pleasant.  Most importantly, the toilet should be placed in a separated water closet, with a solid wall partition isolating it from the rest of the bathroom.

Return on Your Investment

You may be remodeling your master bedroom to suit your needs, or you may be planning to sell your house and want to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. A master bedroom with a fresh look not only feels good, it can give you a return on your investment (ROI). Expanded closets and larger master bathrooms are the top features prospective buyers look for in homes. Updating the décor and functionality is another aspect very appealing to prospective buyers. This includes new furniture, lighting, bedding and window treatments, as well as built-in storage in your new closets. This is also a good opportunity to bring in more natural light with larger windows.

Our design team loves creating luxurious master suites. We will work closely with you to meet all your needs and stay within your budget. We also have tremendous knowledge of the housing market, and we can help you capitalize on your ROI.

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