We all dream of a luxurious spa where we can soak away the cares of a stressful day.  Unfortunately, not every home has the bathroom space to create that kind of retreat.  But good things can come in small packages.  With a thoughtful design, a remodeled small bathroom can feel spacious and inviting.  Here are a few worthwhile things to consider as you design your new bathroom.

  1. Bathtub Size. The bathtub is the biggest space in any bathroom.  A compact or low-walled tub can make the room seem more expansive and still leave room for a pleasant soak.
  2. Shower Stalls. Replacing a tub with a larger-than-average shower stall can save a lot of room in the bathroom and still provide a luxurious bathing experience.  Clear glass walls and light-colored tile can give the illusion of added space as well.
  3. Small Vanity. Storage is at a premium in a small bathroom.  The vanity provides valuable storage without sacrificing floor space.  A small vanity makes use of the space under the sink without a big footprint.  Wall storage above the vanity also adds storage without cluttering the room.
  4. Single Control Faucets. Fixtures with a single control instead of separate hot/cold handles increase counter space and create a clean, uncluttered look.
  5. Mirrors. Adding mirrors, especially full-length mirrors, will add to the illusion of space in the bathroom and increase the amount of light in the room.


Is your bathroom space-challenged?  Let our design team create a welcoming retreat that makes the most of your available space.