Bedrooms have long been a neglected part of home design.  After all, they are rarely on public display.  But all that is changing.  Minnesota homeowners want their private spaces to be thoughtfully designed areas that enhance the quality of their overall life, not just from a style perspective, but from a practical one as well.  Here are a few trends we are seeing in the design of today’s primary bedroom suites. 

Stair-Free Living

Ground-floor primary suites are increasingly attractive as the idea of aging in place becomes more common.  Additionally, more households are looking to accommodate older parents and elderly visitors.  Remodeling your home to add a first-floor primary suite is not only useful but also adds value to the resale of your home.

Snoring rooms

Typically situated off the primary bedroom, this well-insulated alcove doesn’t take up too much space but gives the snorer a comfy spot to retreat.  It’s often closed off by soundproof French doors.  The space can double as a sitting room during the day. 

En Suite Laundry

Including a washer and dryer as part of the primary suite is a true convenience.  Clothes go directly from the hamper into the washer, and you have plenty of space for folding.  The proximity to your clothes closet makes the entire laundry process simpler and quicker.

Nature-inspired spaces

Incorporating natural elements into your primary suite finishes and furnishings continues to be prevalent for remodeling projects.  Consider colors inspired by nature, like softer greens and blues that are calming and pleasing to the eye. 

Sustainability continues to grow in importance among homeowners.  Incorporating natural items is a great way to bring the outside in.  Using baskets, plants and natural wood features amplifies an organic feel to a space. 

Lighting for Mood and Function

Thoughtful lighting design for a primary suite is key to the success of the space.  One of the most important features is the ability to adjust (dim and brighten) the lights as needed.  This may be accomplished through dimmer switches or by use of multiple and separate lighting fixtures.  Creating the right light for each different activity is key to the success of the design.  

A Love for Organization

You don’t have to be a clotheshorse to appreciate the wonders of a well-crafted walk-in closet.  In addition to adjustable shelves and hanging bars, high-end closets feature wall storage for shoes, bags and cloth-lined drawers for sunglasses, watches and jewelry.  In need of more luxury?  Create a dressing room with custom components such as a dressing table with power stations, seating, 360-degree full-length mirrors, wine fridges and wall safes for protecting valuable items.  Chandeliers, artwork and display lighting are enhancements that make the space feel personalized and special. 

Luxury Bathroom

Whether or not to include a bathtub or soaking tub is a very personal decision.  Many homeowners are opting to remove the bathtub in the primary suite and replace it with enhanced showers featuring low curbs, seats, grab bars and nonslip floors.  Other premium features you many want to consider are dual showers, one-piece toilets, vessel sinks and built-in vanities.  Additional upgrades include heated floors and towel warmers and showers with digital controls and music speakers.

Personal Retreat

While the most important job of a primary suite is providing a comfortable place to sleep, it increasingly serves as a place for private relaxation. A cushioned window seat with a peaceful view, an armchair in a cozy nook or a decadent chaise lounge straight out of a Hollywood movie all turn the master into an intimate library — just add task lighting and a bookshelf. And when you put a fireplace in the picture, you’ve got the ultimate retreat, as well as the room’s focal feature.

Let Roberts Residential Remodeling help you set the trend!

Adding a primary bedroom suite to your Twin Cities home is a great way to enhance your daily routine and adds tremendous value to your home.  Our design team at Roberts’ Residential Remodeling will help you navigate all the design decisions and material finish selections.  Contact us today to get started on your home-remodeling project.