When doing a home or kitchen remodel, most people’s first consideration is not their outdoor garden space. But, especially for those intending to age in their homes, the convenience and accessibility for any green thumb can be essential. Here are some of our favorite design considerations:

  1. Windows! Large windows in your new kitchen space not only allow you to look at your beautiful garden year-round, but they also allow tons of natural sunlight in allowing plenty of space for house plants or cooking herbs just within reach.
  2. Additional room for an uncovered porch or patio. This space is useful for completely open and unobstructed area for convenient container gardens just a step outside.
  3. A mudroom / laundry room addition. When added to the back of the home with a door leading to your garden, this could be one of your most valuable additions! Have a space for muddy shoes, a custom storage area for tools, coats and gloves, and move your laundry machines here so you can throw any soiled clothes right in the wash.
  4. A kitchen island. There are so many possibilities! Some of our favorite features of a gardener-friendly kitchen island are a butcher block top with a hole in the top leading to a compost bin, a mini sink for washing fruits and veggies, and plenty of storage compartments, open or closed, for organizing your knives and other utensils for easy access.
  5. And don’t forget about the value of an open floor plan! Any gardener loves to share their craft with friends, family and neighbors. Invite them over and prepare a garden fresh meal while allowing them to mingle in the dining or living areas while still sharing a space and conversation.

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