There are many reasons to consider a home addition. With growing families, needs, and incomes, it could be just what you need to feel comfortable in your space, while adding value to your home. Once you have decided an addition is necessary, an important consideration is whether it’s best to go up or out. For the majority of house additions, building out provides a sensible strategy, but sometimes it’s best to build up instead. On extremely tight sites, such as in closely built older neighborhoods, no buildable area remains for horizontal expansion. Some homeowners choose to build up in order to preserve outdoor living space or to gain privacy for bedrooms in a new second story. You might get the space you need by raising certain portions of the roof.

Here are some potential space options for you to consider:


For many of us, the attic is sorely underused space.  It can be one of the best places to look for home addition opportunities.  Attics can become quiet, efficient home offices, luxurious master suite refuges or cozy playrooms and hobby studios.  Every attic project needs special consideration, though.  Most attics were not designed with living space in mind.  That means they might not meet building codes.  As we begin any attic remodeling project, we look at several key considerations such as the foundation, ceiling height, insulation, codes, and lighting.


If you have the space, going out greatly opens the possibilities for your new addition. A simple mudroom and/or laundry room on the main floor can streamline your life and save you precious time with your family. Opening up the kitchen with an addition is a popular option, boasting more room for cooking, eating, entertaining, and congregation area for friends and family. An outdoor room is another option for expanding your home. The warm summer months are precious in the Midwest, and an outdoor space can allow you to take full advantage of this short season.

We’ve created many wonderful home additions for all types of situations.  Call our design team today to learn more about how we can transform your space into your dream home!