There are numerous considerations when thinking about whether you want a walk-in shower or tub for your next bathroom remodel. Some come down to personal preference, but space and cost play a part in the decision, too.

The first step for making this impactful decision is asking yourself the right questions. Here’s some food for thought:

  1. Do you already have a tub? It may seem like an exciting change for your new space, but ripping out an already established tub to replace with a walk-in could be costly. Consider replacing the tub if you want to change. Plus, if you’re considering resale at some point, tubs are vastly preferred for families with children.
  2. How much space do you have? The standard tub takes up 15 square feet, so consider the footprint of your bathroom when choosing whether it is more space efficient to have a walk-in or tub.
  3. Who is using the bathroom? Is it you, guests, kids? Guests may prefer the easy in and out of a walk-in, but if it is a bathroom that your kids may be frequenting, a tub may be your best bet. But don’t forget to consider yourself! Are you planning on aging in your home? A walk-in shower could be your best friend the longer you live in your home.
  4. Is energy efficiency a priority for you? It’s not shocking that a shower uses substantially less water than a bath, and the technology of efficient shower heads speaks greater to this point. If this is important then a walk-in shower could potentially be for you.
  5. What’s your budget? Installing a walk-in shower can be almost double the cost of installing a bath. If you have the space but tight on the cash, then a tub may be the most economic route.

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