Remodeling Your Kitchen

We Think Of Everything AND The Kitchen Sink

Selecting a kitchen sink isn’t the most glamorous aspect of the kitchen remodeling process. Having one is a necessity and choosing the right one can make some of your most despised kitchen tasks more efficient, tidy, and heck, maybe even more fun! That’s why we think it’s important to consider these simple yet often overlooked details when it comes to picking your sink:


  • Stainless Steel:
    • Pros: Affordable, durable, and easy to clean.
    • Cons: Easily scratched, shows water spots, and noisy.
  • Cast-iron:
    • Pros: Durable, less noise and vibration, comes in an array of colors.
    • Cons: Can be heavy to install
  • Composite:
    • Pros: Unique colors, resistance to stains and scratches, and easy care.
    • Cons: Typically on the more expensive side.


  • Drop-in:
    • As the name implies, the sink is dropped into a hole in the countertop and the lip of the sink rests on the countertop. These are one of the less expensive options and are easier to replace.
  • Undermount:
    • These types of sinks are installed beneath the countertop and provide a no-barrier transition from countertop to sink. They don’t collect debris and grime above the counter seal which we love, but installation can be a little more costly.
  • Farmhouse:
    • This age-old style has secured its place as the darling of the kitchen sink world, as they become a focal point feature in a kitchen. Note that installation of a farmhouse sink requires a few special considerations.


  • Double:
    • A common configuration, it offers one basin for scrubbing and one for rinsing. (Or as we like to call them, one, “I’ll get to that later,” side and one, “I need to fill the dog bowl,” side.)
  • Single:
    • Having a single basin is a common alternative and make soaking and scrubbing large roasting pans and platters a breeze. But, it can make filling the water glass a challenge with all those pans in there.
  • Triple:
    • We know, it’s getting up there, but some kitchen sinks even come with a triple basin option. The third basin is typically smaller but can come in handy for draining pasta and rinsing produce when the other basins are otherwise occupied.

Maybe you got to the end of this and realized you need a professional’s help in choosing the perfect fit for your dream kitchen remodeling project – that’s where we come in! Contact us today to see how we can make it a reality.