Homeowners have two choices for their home additions:  Expand horizontally or expand vertically.   The choice you make depends on the purpose of the addition, the local zoning laws, your yard size and your home’s existing structure.  Whichever direction you decide to build, we can create a beautiful, seamless addition for your home.

How will the addition be used?

If your remodeling vision includes a kitchen or family room, building out is usually most effective.  A two-level kitchen would be spectacular, but pretty impractical!  Family rooms often become extensions of a living room or dining area located on the main floor.  Master suites, attic bedrooms and bathroom expansions are often best-suited for a vertical addition.

Local zoning laws

Many communities have ordinances that limit the size of your home.  Some communities have “setback” rules that dictate the minimum distance a home can be from the curb.  A horizontal addition may be limited by these rules.  Similarly, communities have begun limiting the height of homes.  A vertical addition may be limited by these “McMansion” rules.  We will check your local ordinances before beginning the design of your new addition.

Your existing home

Building up puts new strains on your foundation and internal load-bearing walls.  It also means removing the existing roof and potentially adding staircases.  All of these can stress your home beyond its capabilities.  At the same time, building out can disrupt the original design of your home and reduce the size of your yard.  Regardless of the purpose of your home and the nature of your home’s existing structure, we will create a seamless, elegant addition that you can enjoy for years.

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