We know that when you’re considering a new family space, efficiency and functionality are some of the first things that come to mind. That’s why we have compiled this list handy list of highlights for the ultimate multipurpose living area:

  1. Furniture: 
    1. Built-ins: There are so many options for built-in storage to fit your space, be it big or very small. We can custom fit it all!
    2. Coffee tables: For toys, games, knick-knacks and more! Use them when you want, but keep them hide when you don’t.
    3. Pullout couch: For friends, family, or anyone that you want to feel at home in your home. Extra sleeping space is always a bonus.
    4. In the Kitchen: Consider a built-in kitchen nook, or a table with bench seating and under-seat storage.
  2. Room Dividers:
    1. Dining Room: Achieve the feeling of flow with a touch of traditional with a small, but ceiling-high wall separating your kitchen and dining room spaces
    2. Half-wall: You can give the look and feel of a flowing living area while keeping the integrity of traditional living spaces by using half walls between dining, kitchen, entry and more. Now, imagine these walls with a built-in bookshelf or buffet?! Even more storage for games, kitchen supplies, and more.
    3. Open Kitchen: Go full modern with a completely open living floor area. Allow friends and family to take full advantage of your space by cooking, hanging, playing, and eating all in the same area.
  3. Transitional spaces:
    1. The Random Room: Consider a murphy bed in your spaces to host the ones you love, and fold it up and don’t think about it when you are going about your work day
    2. The Office: Clever custom cabinetry in your office space can offer room for not only your books and files, but games, extra sheets, kids toys and more!
    3. The Mudroom: Laundry, coats, dogs, oh my! Make accommodations for all your special guests by tailoring your mudroom/entryway for convenient guest laundry, storage of cold weather wear, and family dog companions with built-in storage, shelving, and more.

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